Friday, September 2, 2011

A few photos of my babies.

Since for some ungodly reason, my fb page is not loading any pictures, I am posting some here most of them of my precious angels who save my life daily.

My oldest one, Karolina, starting Junior High in one week. I can't believe how the time flew. She makes me one proud mommy (with the exception of those days when her hormones are raging and she does all she can to make me want to pack her stuff and send her away). 

 Karolina and Aleksander (and our cat Sushi, who suffers daily in the hands of the little terrorist, A.)

 Aleksander, age 18 months, now also known as Pedro (from Rio)

It's always heart warming to see your children loving each other
Aleksander didn't actually wanted to let go of Olivia there for a while.

And here she is, the youngest of the bunch, Olivia, age 4 months.