Monday, January 23, 2012

Call Me Princess by Sara Blaedel - Did Not Finish

The book's description from Sara Blaedel's website:

When detective inspector Louise Rick from the Copenhagen Police Murder Squad is put on the case of a young woman who has been the victim of a date rape, she soon realises that the investigation is going to be more complex than she initially thought. The woman had met the rapist on an internet dating site and he had used a false identity.
Louise starts studying old rape case records and she soon comes across a man with a profile that fits. And then a young woman is found dead, strangled, and the similarities in the cases are horrifying: there is obviously a serial murderer out there, cold-bloodedly exploiting the steadily growing trend for online dating.
Even though Louise manages to track down a couple of the aliases the man uses, all attempts to discover his true identity fail. When her friend, journalist Camilla Lind, says that she has also been dating a man she met via the internet, Louise realises that the only way she can stop the rapist’s reign of terror is to go on the net and lure him out of anonymity.

That was a 'did-not-finish' of epic proportions. I stopped before I even got to 5% of the book. The writing is just awful. The nonsensical metaphors and unnecessary descriptions of every 'muscle twitch' and of every thought going on in the characters' minds helped me make up my mind quickly. Didn't want to bother trying to read on and give the book a chance to redeem itself. I highly doubt there's any redemption to be found in there. Call Me Princess is Sara Blædel's American debut novel and she apparently wrote it in English instead of her native Danish (I cannot find any translation info at all) and that very well may be the reason why Call Me Princess seems to me a train wreck while its author is apparently hailed as one of the most successful crime writers in Denmark. I hope next time the publishers will hire a translator instead.

FTC: I received an e-galley from Net Galley.