Friday, May 4, 2012

Hogarth - the publishing imprint from Random House to be excited about

Not that long ago, approximately three months, I swore off any and all debut authors. I did that because I had been disappointed by debut performances so many, many times in the past years that I finally decided to put a stop to the waste of time. I own more than enough books that actually deserve my time and effort, and my life expectancy doesn't get any longer, despite my best efforts at denial.

But then, along came Hogarth. And my oath to not read another debut book in my life flew out the window on the wings of a butterfly. Or should I say, the wings of an eagle, since the window was shut tight against influences and a butterfly would surely become a smudge. An eagle however, just flew through with a crash and a lot of broken pieces of silly resolution scattered at my feet. What?! That was a digression, if ever I saw one.

Leaving the unnecessary previous paragraph behind, it seems my mental complaints have been addressed and my dreams may just come true, because what Hogarth is offering the reading crowds, is also what the intelligent, reading crowds are looking for.

"Contemporary, voice-driven, character-rich books that entertain, inform and move readers."

This is a necessary detox for brains which inadvertently got addled by the pop-drivel that the said brains' owners decided, for some ungodly reason, to read.

Anyway, enough with the over-the-top, self-indulgent 'witticisms'. All I'm trying to say, I'm happy Random House decided to create Hogarth, which I think will indeed fill in the gap in today's world of books.

What you read above, is what I already love about this imprint and what makes me truly hope that there is still future for intelligent reading and that paranormal YA/ pop-culture fiction, with no originality and with disregard for the rules of written language, is not all that adults are left with.

There are already four titles in the works, all of which look promising, and all of which I will be reading and reviewing, if you care to find out if the books live up to the standards set by their publisher.


by Anouk Markovits

by Stephanie Reents

by  Joydeep Roy-Bhattacharya

by Jay Caspian Kang