Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Lonesome Dove Readalong - Chapters 71-80

I am now officially one whole week and 10 chapters behind with the readalong. I am planning on catching up soon though. In the meantime, you can read Amy's, Leah's and Melissa's responses for the current discussion here.

The questions from past week were created by Leah.

1. Jake Spoon has fallen in with the Suggs' brothers, a band of murderers and horse thieves. They leave a trail of misery in their wake. What do you think of the final outcome? Were you surprised by the ending of Jake? Did you think Call and Gus would do it?

I was very surprised that Jake got hanged. But I expected Gus and Call to got through with it. Somehow, it didn't seem in character, if they changed their minds last minute. They are dangerous men and I'm only surprised that Jake decided to join the Suggs' gang knowing that they might encounter the Rangers. He was one of them after all at one point and he knew what his faith would be if caught.

2. We learn about Clara's life after Gus. Do you think she is happy with the life she has chosen?
Can I just say that Clara is so far my most favorite female character and one of the most favorite characters in the whole novel? It's true. She has spunk, she doesn't complain or whine and she's strong. I like women to be strong and be able to think for themselves, and be in charge of their lives, no matter how bad it might be. Clara is such a person. She makes the best of what she got dealt in life, instead of wallowing in sorrow and self-pity (God only knows, she has enough reasons to).

3. Elmira leaves her second born son with Clara shortly after giving birth to him, leaves July for a second time, and doesn't even bat an eye when she learns about the death of Joe. How do you feel about Elmira now?

I haven't changed my mind about her, since the beginning I thought she was a selfish, self-absorbed person. She still is and she will remain so until the end. I changed my mind about July though. I now think that he just stop pursuing Elmira because it's becoming embarrassing to watch him chase after her like that when she clearly doesn't want him. Have some pride, for goodness sake!

Look for the answers to the current discussion soon. In the meantime, if you're interested, you can read the girls' answers to questions provided by Melissa here.