Thursday, July 12, 2012

A free short story by Carlos Ruiz Zafon

Carlos Ruiz Zafon's newest book just hit the U.S. market on July 10th. I have not read it yet but will hopefully have a copy in my hands soon. I think almost everyone who loves books and reading is excited about The Prisoner of Heaven.

The publisher, HarperCollins, has released a short e-story by Mr. Zafon, The Rose of Fire and it's free!
If you want to get a taste of this author's talent or just love his writing and can't get enough, hurry up and download it, and read it. I already got my own copy and will be 'sinking my teeth' into it shortly.

All you do is go to the publisher's site, click links corresponding to your e-reader (if you don't have one, just read online or download to your computer) and you're pretty much done.

Now, just enjoy!