Monday, March 22, 2010

The importance of journal writing, as told by Holly Christine

Today I have a special post. It's special because of two reasons. Number one, it is written by Holly Christine who is the author of three novels, including the most recent one Tuesday Tells It Slant. Number two, it's about keeping diaries which I never could pull off even though I tried and now I am hoping that what Holly has to say will inspire me to go back and try my hand at journal writing again. I also hope it will give you a push to dust off that old diary with only two pages filled in and the rest waiting to be written on. Enjoy!

Tuesday Tells it Slant

Keeping a journal at times seems unnecessary. We have cameras on our phones and text messages and Facebook to look back on, right?

My parents were preparing to sell their home a few years ago and I was faced with these old diaries (one had a lock on it and a unicorn on the cover). I started to read through them and became flooded with emotion. I could see the changes in my life in my own handwriting. It was powerful and entertaining all at the same time. I had forgotten what a gossip queen I was in fifth grade.

Back then, I wrote with the idea that recording my life in pen was important and timeless. For some reason, the emotional impact is much more extreme in pen. It’s quicker too. It’s a release, a physical release that stays on paper for as long as you like.

This moment of reading my old diary entries inspired the basis of  Tuesday Tells it Slant. I kept thinking that it would be easy to erase these old memories that I had. Perhaps I wanted to forget that I fought with my younger brother. Couldn’t I just rip the page out? I had forgotten about that fight up until the moment I saw it in my diary.

Throughout the book, Tuesday changes her old diary entries, eliminating all painful memories. But in the process, she loses her self; her soul seems halfhearted and confused. Her diary, as it turns out, is like an extension of her existence.

But all entries aren’t necessarily painful memories. My mother kept a journal of her pregnancy with me and recently gave it to me. It is written in pen on regular notebook paper and it is a tradition that I plan to continue.

A diary is a gift to your future and your present soul. It can inspire the future while recording the present and is like an old photo of your emotions: timeless.

Thank you for the opportunity to guest blog and happy readings!
~Holly Christine 

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