Friday, May 22, 2009

Profile picture change, mood swings and some such book unrelated issues

I cannot seem to make up my mind about mostly anything in my life and that includes my Profile Image. Since launching my blog, I have changed it three times and now it's time for the fourth. I am absolutely not certain whether it will be my last change (I hope so, but you just never know with me). So that covers the first part of the post.

Now, the mood swings. I hate to repeat myself or to come off as an unpardonable whiner but I have been dealt a life with mutliple mood disorders (or mental disorders, whichever you're more comfortable with, it makes no difference to me, all that matters is that they're here to stay). I have come to accept it as a fact of life therefore I do not feel sorry for myself in my moments of mental lucidity :-). I have also come to know when the change is coming therefore it's easier for me to warn others around me and to deal with it better. There will never be a magic pill that'll erase them all nor do I think I would want one. It makes me who I am (it's also possible that were there such a pill, I would be singing a different tune :O). Anyways, I have one of these horrible moods descending upon me and I will need to take a sabbatical from blogging, internet browsing and all computer related stuff for a few days, I've found that if I tune myself out for a while it helps. The main reason I am writing it all is to let you guys know that I am not ignoring any one of you or started neglecting my blog. Hopefully I will be in my top shape soon enough and will resume my overall internet activities with renewed strength. Till then...Cheers!