Friday, July 30, 2010

Tommy Tippee Explora Sippy Cup

I fully realize that this blog of mine is mainly about books and reading. But, as some of you may be aware, besides my 11-year-old daughter, I also am a mom to an infant boy. This naturally makes me interested in the best products out there for him and the choice is not easy since the market is overflowing with stuff for babies. And not only am I a mom to an infant, I know of at least 5 of you dear bloggers who are either parents to little babies or will be ones in the very near future.

All of the facts above convinced me to try out and review one of the products from Tommy Tippee, a new line of products for babies and toddlers. Well, it's new here in America, but in Great Britain it's been a bestseller for a long time now.

Since I've been breastfeeding my son, Aleksander, he does not drink from a bottle. Therefore, I needed to train him to use sippy cups as soon as he could start drinking juice and water. That's why I wanted to try Tommy Tippee's line, Explora, to see for myself how good they really are.

And honestly, the cups really are great! All the facts about them are true:

  • they are spill-proof
  • they do have a soft-flex spout, which means I don't have to worry about Aleksander hurting his gums
  • the flow is really easy (no sucking the cup until your baby's eyeballs pop out)  

I am sold on Tommy Tippee's products. They are not all that expensive either, so try them out and see for yourself, or rather, let your babies try for themselves.

Special Thanks to Christina S. from Tommy Tippee for sending me the cups for review.