Saturday, November 29, 2008

Christian Ficiton - unjustly categorized?

I was just wondering why christian ficiton is labeled this way and if it is right to do that. I do read an awful lot. It is my addiciton of sorts. I also try not to limit myself to just one genre because I would be missing a whole variety of good writing if I did. Among the genres that I do enjoy is christian fiction. Sadly, had not worked in a major bookstore, I never would have known that such books even existed. Why? Because they are placed at the very corner of the store, together with all other religious and metaphysical books, including bibles, Jewish writings, buddhism, hinduism, Western philosophy, etc.Let me tell you, a lot of books under christian fiction are great thrillers, amazing historical novels and good mysteries. I think that they should be placed accordingly. I mean when you go shopping for thrillers you will notice that there are many genres in there: mysteries, suspense, detective, action thrillers, medical thrillers, psychological thrillers, all in one. The same with literary fiction; historical, chick lit, classics, contemporary, etc. Why shouldn't christian fiction be among them?