Friday, November 21, 2008

"Germ" by Robert Liparulo

I have recently read Robert Liparulo’s “Germ” is Lipparulo's second book in the thriller genre. As critically acclaimed as the novel was, I have mixed feelings about that one. Once again America and eventually the world faces destruction, this time from the hands of a mad scientist, Karl Litt who is a vengeful person hurt in the past looking for retribution. The tool is Ebola, a deadly virus that there is no cure for yet. From the technical aspect, the novel has a fast action, is a quick read for those who just want to unwind and relax. However, if you read many thrillers and horrors, “Germ” is pretty ok.. It’s the same idea simply put in different words, with different characters. There is a virus developed to kill people and a person behind it wants power and control.
If you read “The Stand” by Stephen King or Ted Dekker’s “The Circle Trilogy”, you’ll get the idea. We already know that there is a horrible possibility of a biological threat looming above our heads but how many times do you really have to read about it? Personally I think that as old as “The Stand” is, it is still the most original novel written on this topic. The interesting issue about “Germ” is the true facts about the Ebola virus, meaning that we still do not know where it came from, where it disappears after the outbreak, who are the carriers of it ( because it does not ‘hibernate’ in either monkeys or humans ).
It certainly leaves you with something to think about and if this is your first book about the viruses developed to annihilate humans, then by all means do read it. Other than that, it is a good entertainment for a night or two but not much else.