Monday, November 24, 2008

'The Religion' by Tim Willocks

Hello everyone,unfortunately I didn't manage to read a lot of 'The Religion' so far to the urgent assignment I needed to work on. However, the part that I did read is filled with very poetic, beautifully descriptive language which made it a real pleasure and a surprise to read. Rarely do I come upon a book that start which such beautiful prose, especially that I expected it to be a historical thriller.Definitely can't wait to continue immersing myself in this novel.

I am currently somewhere in the middle of the book and I get to enjoy it with every page I read. I am genuinely impressed by Mr. Willocks command of the language. I do not want to spoil anything for people that have not read this book yet and would like to. Therefore I am not going to really say much about the plot. However, I can tell you that regardless of genre you are a fan of, you will like reading this historical/mystery/adventure novel simply because the author's writing skills are really, really good. And then you find little gems like this one: 'They [women] accepted slavery that didn't even flatter them with chains.' If you ponder on this for a little while, you'll see how true this is. But I for one could never come up with this myself.So, all and all for now I really like the book and would really recommend it to anyone (apart from children, as there is violence in there).Now let me go back to my reading and I will be posting my final thoughts as soon as I finish the book.