Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I know it's crazy but I have another blog.

As the title implies, I'm perfectly aware of the madness of this undertaking but i thought, what the hell, my life is crazy and busy, it might as well get crazier!

Anyway, the blog is called Insanity Tested Daily and it will be about my crazy life, the glimpses of which I've shown here on this blog over the two years. I want Reading Extravaganza to be exclusively about books and reading (its original purpose, by the way) but I also want a separate place to record my personal life with my struggles, current and the ones to come, my joys and sorrows, surprises and disappointments, hence the new blog.

I have only written one post, haven't had a chance to really beautify it so far, but please do visit if you have a spare minute. I'd love your company.