Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Lonesome Dove Readalong - Chapters 31-40

Amy from My Friend Amy provided this week's questions. She is also loving the novel. I am not loving it yet, but I do like it more and more with each week and even if I do not fall head over heels for it at the end of the readalong, it will have been worth it.

As usual, you can read the answers to the questions that Leah and Melanie gave also on My Friend Amy's blog. Mine are below.

1 )Gus starts off this section, saying, "Here is where we all find out if we was meant to be cowboys." when Deets predicts a storm. Newt later observes that the only person who hadn't performed well in the storm was Sean. Did you predict at this point Sean would be the first casualty? How did his death impact you? What did you think of the way Gus and Call handled it?

I had no idea that Sean was going to die, especially so suddenly and such a cruel death. But after it happened, I started thinking that maybe the reason McMurtry introduced the brothers in the novel was so he could use one of them (who knows maybe Alan will be next) as the first casualty, someone the reader doesn't care about enough to be turned off by such a quick death. Sean seemed to me sort of a 'collateral damage' if you will.

2)Elmira and Loraine are both traveling on their own in the company of men. What do you think about the differences in their two situations? Which situation would you rather be in?

Unquestionably, I'd choose Lorena's situation. The people she is around know her, she feels comfortable around at least one of them, Gus and I honestly don't think they would hurt her. Elmira, on the other hand, has really gotten herself in quite a situation here. She now owes a debt to the guy who wants to marry her and killed another for Elmira's protection. I have no idea how she'll get out of it but there's some dangerous times awaiting her, in my opinion.

3)Roscoe is a bit pathetic out looking for July on his own when he runs across Louisa Brooks who proposes marriage in no time. What did you think of this unique character of Louisa and Roscoe's reaction to her? 

I think the whole thing is hilarious! Although I was a little bit worried there that Roscoe will stay with Louisa and my plans for him fitting right in with Gus and Call would come to naught. As of right now there's still some chance, lol! I do think that they would make a fun couple, though.

Some final thoughts: I don't know about the rest of you guys, but I'm developing a dislike towards Jake. He's really kinda lazy, he whines a lot and comes across as a phony person altogether.