Friday, January 9, 2009

In 2009 I'm breaking my resolution.

Making goals and resolutions for the New Year has always seemed to be in fashion. I also decided to get on the train. For 2009 I am breaking my lifelong resolution to not make any resolutions as a new year comes. 2008 was a bad year for me. It was a classic Murphy’s law coming true in front of my eyes: if something can go wrong, it will. So this year I decided to give making a few resolutions a shot. I figured it won’t hurt to set some goals and then see what happens. Who knows, maybe I’ll even see some of them come to fruition.

1. Get spiritually and emotionally fit. I think that true spirituality have always been lacking in my life. I have also always been jealous of people who managed to be serene, calm and peaceful in the midst of the biggest chaos. Therefore, I started the Spiritually Speaking challenge which I hope will help me with this side of my life. Emotions are another part of me that I never was quite able to keep under control. And funny how it’s always been the wrong ones that manifested the strongest. The good ones kept quiet and very much to themselves somewhere in the corner of my mind, heart or soul. I will be reading The Language of Letting Go by Melody Beattie to maybe put me on the right track. It’s a first book that will stay with me throughout the whole year since it has meditations for every day. Now, reading these meditation is all nice and dandy but my biggest challenge will be to actually apply them to my life and not let myself think that it’s all BS and drop it.

2. Stand financially on my own two feet. And I’m not even talking ‘financially fit’, just not on crutches. Yes, I do have a profession. Being a freelance translator is something that I actually enjoy. It gives me an opportunity to be also a stay-at-home mom, to go to work in my pj’s and to be pretty much my own boss. Sadly, a freelance translator also means (in my case) a starving translator, having-my- bills-in-collection translator. I know that there are certain steps that I can take to change that and hopefully I will have enough guts to do it.

I know it is only two goals/resolutions. The list is short but I already have breathing problems thinking about them. People say that when you make plans, God laughs. It’s fine with me. I’m glad to keep Him in good spirits as long as He helps me on my path, if only because I give Him reasons to be merry.