Friday, November 13, 2009

A little bit of this & a little bit of that

Boy oh boy, have I been lazy recently! I haven't posted anything for the whole week & haven't even been commenting on my favorite blogs :(. There are a few excuses I will get to next but I realize that while people get colds, flus and other seasonal illnesses, I have been yet again struck with the case of pure procrastination. I just like to be honest with others and try to be so with myself as well :).

Anyway, on to the excuses. The last two weeks were kinda tough because both my daughter and my husband were sick. Karolina ended up with bronchitis and Mark only with a two-week long cold. While I am happy I got off easy (knock on wood), I am sure I'm preaching to the choir saying how much fun it is (not) taking care of two sick people in your house. Another thing is, I am now in my third trimester and I have been getting more and more tired and sleepy to the point that as soon as I pick up a book, it takes me about three to five pages to start dozing off. The result: I am still reading the same book I started more than a week ago and trust me it is an easy and not so very long book either.

All above considered, I am not leaving my blog dormant. It gives me nightmares that I have neglected my blogging life but I will get back into swing of things hopefully soon. One awesome news is that on November 18th, five short days from today, I will be celebrating my first blogging anniversary. I have prepared three giveaways, one for each day starting this coming Wednesday. There will be something for romance, thrillers and sci-fi lovers and it will be international. Please make sure you visit me on these days as I'm very excited about the giveaways.

Maybe (hopefully) I will post a couple of things before then but if my laziness doesn't subside I will definitely be back for the anniversary.