Wednesday, December 24, 2008

I have gotten a gift to cherish!

I know that it might seem too soon to be writing about Christmas gifts on Christmas Eve. However, my family and I still observe Polish traditions along with American ones. One of these traditions is opening presents on Christmas Eve. We pray first, we give thanks to God for everything good He's provided us with and for giving us His Son. We then break Holy Bread (Holy Wafer) and give wishes for one another. Afterwards we sit down to eat dinner coprising 12 dishes, for twelve apostles and twelve months. The dishes are all vegetarian or fish, no meat. After dinner we sit and sing Christmas carols. And last but not least, we open presents. And here I am finally getting to my main point. I have left comments on several blogs about how I never get books as gifts, even though everybody knows that this is what I love the most. Well, tonight, for the first time I have gotten a book and two beautiful journals to write in from my sister. The book "What Sisters Share" is exactly what I needed. It has really funny, really true and really heartwarming thoughts on sisterhood. And I am glad I got it because it reminded me how lucky I am to have a sister, crazy as she is (I actually think she is crazier than I am). The journals go perfectly with the book because it shows that she does now me after all and she knows what I like doing and what I need to be doing right now, because writing, as nonsensical as it sometimes might be, goes hand in hand with reading and I treasure them both.