Monday, December 1, 2008

'Road To Cana' by Anne Rice

I have just finished reading Anne Rice’s second installment on the life of Jesus Christ, ‘Road to Cana’ and I must say I have mixed feelings on this one. The only reason I read it was because someone lent it to me saying that it was a great book and I absolutely had to read it. Since I am not the assertive type, I have problems with saying no to people I took the book and read it.
The premise of the book is admittedly a difficult one to grasp and to draw considerable readership at the same time. It is a religious novel, it is about God and His Son, and one thing I personally am grateful for, being a Christian, is that it was not blasphemous in any way. However, the writing style of Anne Rice did not appeal to me as much as it did while reading ‘The Witching Hour’. It somehow felt lacking and it isn’t even something specific I could put my finger on. The novel was maybe a little too short, it felt at times that the author just wanted to breeze through the life of Christ without really getting too deep into anything. The story is told in first person, that person happens to be Jesus and it was interesting to look at His life from His perspective. The things I did enjoy were the portrayal of Jesus as a human being, a person who didn’t quite grasp Himself who He really was and the success of Rice to show how Christ was at the same time just like everybody else, had the same temptations and emotions yet He was different without even trying to be from the very beginning.
All and all, I would recommend this book to people who believe in God, in Jesus, to people who are looking for a spiritual uplift. However, the agnostics and atheists, the skeptics and non-believers will most likely not fall in love with this novel.