Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Perfect snow day!!! by Karolina Morawski

I have never done this before but I just read the story my 10-year-old baby girl wrote and decided to post it on my blog because I'm soooo proud of her. This piece posted below is exactly how she wrote it, no edits on my side :). Enjoy!

Today when my step-dad Mark and I went outside there was about 2-3 feet of snow!!!!!!!! It was the coolest thing ever, as long as I lived there has never never been that much snow. So while Mark was cleaning out the driveway I was getting stuck in the snow, but eventually I got out. When I was out there I was thinking to myself (outloud) if only today was CHRISTMAS that'd be AM A Z I NG you know what I mean. Like, I mean really what kid wouldn't want presents and snow fun on the same day.

Then Mark brought out our boxer dog
Daisy. It was so cute she got stuck in the snow and when she came out she had a white snow mask on her face. As much as we wanted her to stay out she was shivering so she had to go back inside.Soon after that Mark and I were having a snow fight and I accidentally got snow on my teeth and my teeth are very sensitive to hot and cold. So I rested for a while and then went back outside.

My dog Daisy in the snow. How cute!!!

After that we all went inside for some Hot Chocolate. You don't know how many layers I had on. After we all got into our regular clothes our snow clothes needed to be dried. So we waited for them to be done in that time we ate and watched the MMA(wrestling). Once they got dried I couldn't wait to go back outside in that WINTER WONDERLAND !!!

Once we went outside my mom went outside too and she took pictures of Mark,
Daisy, and Me. Yep Daisy too and even cuter the second time. This time she actually wanted to go outside. Thats how we got that picture of Daisy up there. After that I was pretending I was a winter fairy. I thought I was doing pretty good but then I had to help Mark shovel the driveway. In a couple minutes his friend Rob came to help clean our lawn my grandparents lawn and a lot of other peoples lawns. I guess thats the end.

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