Friday, December 18, 2009

What's In a Name 2 & What's In a Name 3

I have completed another challenge for 2009. What's In a Name 2 was a lot of fun, especially putting the titles together. Finding appropriate books was a challenge in itself. Here's what I read:

1. The Actor and the Housewife by Shannon Hale ('profession' in the title)

2. Nightwalker by Heather Graham (time of day)

3. Father Melancholy's Daughter by Gail Godwin (a relative)

4. The Fourth Hand by John Irving (a body part)

5. House of Sand and Fog by Andre Dubus III (a building)

6. The Plague by Albert Camus (a medical condition)

The two books I enjoyed the most were Nightwalker and Father Melancholy's Daughter. Both authors were new to me and I am certain to read a lot more from them. Ms. Graham is the one I will read when I need a paranormal mystery fix and Ms. Godwin will be my companion when I need to read something deep. a little bit sad and always with food for thought.

The most disappointing books was House of Sand and Fog. I had heard so many wonderful things about it before I read the book and I think that my expectations might have been too high. Whatever the reason, the book certainly didn't live up to the hype it got in my opinion. For the first half it dragged too much and the ending felt somehow unfulfilling.

Because I liked this challenge so much, I of course decided to sign up for What's In a Name 3. It is hosted by Beth F. from Beth Fish Reads and even has its own blog.

Here are the rules:

Between January 1 and December 31, 2010, read one book in each of the following categories:

A book with a
food in the title

A book with a
body of water in the title

A book with a
title(queen, president) in the title

A book with a
plant in the title

A book with a
place name(city, country) in the title - Andean Express by Juan de Recacoechea

A book with a
music term in the title

Other things to consider:

Books may be any form (audio, print, e-book).

Books may overlap other challenges.

Books may not overlap categories; you need a different book for each category.

Creativity for matching the categories is allowed.

You do not have to make a list of books before hand.

You do not have to read through the categories in any particular order.

There will be a single prize at the end of the challenge. Readers who complete the challenge and write up a wrap-up post (or wrap-up comment) are eligible. I'll figure out a way to make it international.

I do not have the list ready yet but will put it here once I figure out the titles. The rules are pretty easy and from what I understand, it will be a very popular challenge in 2010.