Monday, April 19, 2010

It's Monday and it's time for...Borrowed Words

For this edition of borrowed words, I am quoting a piece about writing. I am not an aspiring writer but the quote really resonated with me and I believe that if you are a writer what's written below is 100%. At least, that's how I would feel if I were one. I like the words a lot, even though they're coming from Ghostwalk, a novel I was less than impressed with. I give you the words borrowed from Ghostwalk by Rebecca Stott:

"Writing can be a haunting. There is something haunting about it perhaps because of that heightened sensibility, because you spend so much time listening for the words. You make a character out of nothing, a few words, fragments of people you know or have seen from afar, and once they are up and walking they don't just come and go at your will; they begin to be demanding, appearing at awkward times, doing things you couldn't have dreamed they could; they come upon you suddenly when you are asleep or making love...I am talking about people who exist only in your head but who appear in your living room when you have temporarily forgotten they existed, when you have closed your study door on them. It's a kind of possession. You begin to feel you are being watched."