Saturday, April 10, 2010

Let the fun begin.

It is now 8am and I am ready to read (well, I'm always ready for that). I hope to last a little longer this year than last time. Having an infant is kind of a blessing this way because I no longer sleep so much at night and consequently I hope to read at night as I nurse him (it's amazing on how little sleep one can go on when necessary). But for now let's concentrate on what my nearest plans are:

1. I am going to finish reading The Swimming Pool by Holly LeCraw (a really good book so far)

The Swimming Pool
2. Next, I'll move on to Mercury In Retrograde by Paula Froelich (I am hoping for a nice, light read that won't take up too much time).

Mercury in Retrograde: A Novel

That's that for now. I read tips that Irish from Ticket to Anywhere had for read-a-thoners and decided that posting updates every few hours instead of every hour is a very good idea. Therefore, my next update will be around noon, right before I have to go to my hair dresser.

Happy reading everyone! Hopefully I'll be able to visit some of you.