Monday, April 27, 2009

'What Would Jane Austen Do?' by Laurie Brown

I have to be honest here. When I was presented with an opportunity to read and review What Would Jane Austen Do? by Laurie Brown, I considered myself a romance novels’ skeptic. I also was a little anxious to read another Jane Austen-esque book. Well, all my doubts were dispelled shortly after having read just a few pages of this greatly entertaining book.

What Would Jane Austen Do?
introduces us to Eleanor Pottinger, a Jane Austen die-hard fan and a self-made 19th century costume designer. Her adventure starts in England where she travels to join a Jane Austen festival but it certainly does not stop there. Thanks to two, very endearing ghosts she is transported back in time to prevent a duel which, without her help, will have a deadly end. And here the fun begins. Eleanor experiences living in the Regency era to its full extent: dances, soirees, intrigue, courting, hot romance and a thing she wished for the most: meeting Jane Austen. Miss Brown very skillfully introduces the reader to this romantic part of history and really gives us a chance to have a good look into what life must have been for Jane Austen contemporaries.

Eleanor is a delightful character, very funny, clever and most importantly believable. Numerous times I found myself identifying with her or thinking that I would behave similarly in certain situations. The book is a perfect summer read. It is light, very funny, it has time travel, ghosts, suspense and romance. What else can you ask for?

Every woman, every fan of romance and historical novels should put this title on their summer reading list. It will provide a great escape into fantasy with a lot of extra laughs. And to all those skeptics like I used to be, What Would Jane Austen Do? is a perfect choice to be a skeptic no more. If there is a sequel to this novel, I will be the first one to buy it.

Special Thanks to Danielle J. from Sourcebooks, Inc. from sending me a copy of this book.