Friday, March 6, 2009

February Reads

Considering that February only had 28 days and I still managed to read as many books as I did in January, I am quite satisfied. Of course I wish I could read as fast as some people (already having over 50 books read) but that will never happen and I am happy with how much I read.

1. King’s Fool by Margaret Campbell Barnes (out in the stores in April; a super read about Will Somers, Henry VIII’s court jester)

2. Medallions by Zofia Nalkowska (one of my favorites, a short compilation of documentaries from the Nazi regime)

3. Reading Lolita in Tehran by Azar Nafisi (a wonderful memoir on living under the Islamist regime; I posted a review a couple of weeks back)

4. A Child’s Journey out of Autism by Leeann Whiffen (another memoir, this time of a mother’s struggles to get her son back from autism; a very touching story, also with my review)

5. Gauntlet by Richard Aaron (a great, fact-paced techno-thriller)

6. Dragon Tears by Dean Koontz (I love Koontz but I was a little disappointed with this one)

7. The Hellfire Club by Peter Straub (it’s my second book by Straub and I’m really starting to warm up to him; it’s horror mixed in with thriller elements)

8. Autobiography of a Face by Lucy Grealy (a memoir of a woman who had to grow up with a deformed face due to cancer; very absorbing and a sad as well; I actually have mixed feelings about this one)

9. Deadly Decisions by Kathy Reichs (I’m gonna have to give this woman another try because I’ve heard a lot of good things about this author but this particular forensic thriller did not reflect all the praise)

10. Slip & Fall by Nick Santora (a legal thriller with very interesting characters and some good writing)

Audio Books:

1. Hard Truth by Nevada Barr (I think I’m going to like Ms. Barr, the book was humorous, with fast action and a great main character, ranger Anna Pidgeon).

Looks like February was a month of memoirs and thrillers. Only a couple of books were not so great and the rest I really enjoyed. I am still looking for the ‘Wow!’ book. Maybe in March. These kind of books are hard to find.